Blocked drains are something we all encounter at some point in our lives, and no doubt you’ve heard advice about dealing with it them from your dad, your neighbour or the nosy parker who just happened to be walking their dog past your garden – but they’re not all right. So, what are the biggest blocked drain myths? What is the actual truth?

Chemical Cleaners Are Good for Drains

Most people choose to simply pour a large amount of bleach in their drains when they realise there is a problem. This does not work in all cases, but there is an added issue of these types of cleaners being very corrosive in nature. Over a period of time and continual use this makes the integrity of the drainage pipe interior weaken and causes damage. But, it is also an issue as not all drains can be unblocked simply by using a chemical cleaner. The DIY attempt may also cause you irritation as bleach can be an irritant if you get it on your hands and even worse if it somehow gets into your eyes. The more you use, the higher the toxicity is, and this is a risk to your health.

Slow Running Drains Are Fine

People tend to ignore minor issues, or just simply consider a problem smaller than it is, until it is too late. If water is draining noticeably slower or blocking more often, it is a sure sign of a larger issue. Slow moving water is not just the way a drainage system works, despite most people assuming it is. Ignoring this will only make the problem worse. The worst case scenario is a burst pipe, so treat this issue seriously early on and avoid disaster!

Plumbers do Drain Cleaning

This is categorically a blocked drain myth. Not all plumbers do drain cleaning, it is actually a specialised service and some plumbers specialise in another area instead. It is also not a required element in plumbing code, so those who do drain cleaning may not necessarily be a plumber either. If you are unsure, many companies will explicitly state what services they offer and if not you can always contact them to find out if their services apply to your needs.
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