Drainage systems are nifty things – they get rid of all of our waste without us needing to think about it… most of the time. Sometimes, problems do happen, and they can be easy and affordable to resolve if caught early.
drainage systems

But how can you know if there’s a problem before it becomes too serious? Here at J&F Drainage, we’ve put together a list of five things to watch out for.

Unexpected Gurgles

If you hear a “glug-glug” sound in your bathroom after flushing the toilet, or from your sink after doing the dishes, a partial blockage could be the culprit. If the flow of water is obstructed, air bubbles will form, creating this gurgling sound. Minor clogs can be resolved at home; more serious issues will require an expert.

Strange Water Levels

You may find that your toilet water level is lower than normal, or that your bath is draining more slowly when you remove the plug. This could signal problems deeper within the drainage systems, and should be investigated.

Bad Smells

Strange smell coming from your kitchen sink? It could be a build up of gunk in the drainage systems (have you been pouring fat or other unwanted items down there?), or defective drains leaking into places they shouldn’t and festering.

Strange Marks on Your Walls

Leaky drains can show themselves on walls and floors – and not just as damp patches. Grey or white crusts on the walls or on basement ceilings could be a sign of a water leak – these deposits are caused by the minerals in water that are left after the liquid evaporates.

Mould and Mildew

While these could signal a more general damp problem, mould and mildew can also arise as a result of excess water due to poor drainage. They can be harmful to health, so it’s definitely worth finding out the cause and eliminating it.

Spotting and dealing with these five signs as early as possible can save a great deal of hassle and money in the long run. If you’ve spotted any of these warning signs and want advice, contact us today.