Wipe away blockage misery

Misleading advice on bathroom products such as baby wipes, make-up wipes and cotton wool is contributing to drainage problems for thousands of families, new research reveals.

Millions of the hygiene products are flushed down the loo each week – clogging pipes and forcing sewage to overflow onto roads, into rivers, and into people’s homes and gardens.

In the bathroom

Disposable hygiene products are really convenient, we all use them, there’s a wipe for just about everything! However they should never be flushed down the loo, throw them in the bin instead.

Here are the worst offenders:

  • Wet wipes – baby, toddler, toilet and make up wipes
  • Nappies
  • Cotton buds and cotton wool

Sanitary items also cause problems with blockages and can be a bit embarrassing if your plumber has to clear it!