When we go to the loo, all we want to do is flush and forget. But it’s not always quite that simple.

We live in a disposable age, with convenient products, which can be used and thrown away. We’ve got; wet wipes for faces, hands and bottoms; cotton wool; tissues; nappies; cotton buds and dental floss to name just a few.

Unfortunately, these products are often thrown down the loo, instead of the bin, causing havoc in the sewers.

The bad news is, when they’re flushed these items don’t just disappear down the u-bend, but clump together to block sewers. When blocked, sewers can flood homes and gardens, causing misery for families. Some of these items even end up in our rivers and on our beaches.

We know this because millions are spent every year on cleaning drains and sewers and clearing up around 1,000 homes and 6,000 gardens just in the North West.